Dog Sports in VDH

This is, where dog and owner are active together. A big variety of different disciplines offers the optimal activity for every dog, fit for its own abilities and needs. Dog sports are exercise, fun, challenge and education – all at once.

Apart from breeding of pedigree dogs, the education and training of dogs is a major concern of the VDH and its member clubs. On more than 5.000 training grounds everywhere in Germany, competent dog trainers offer advice and help and teach the basics of dog education.

There is a suitable activity for each human-dog-team. Further information regarding the many available disciplines can be found under the link below.

Accommodation of Dogs at VDH Sports Events

According to German Animal Welfare law, persons keeping dogs or caring for dogs must make sure, that the animal’s ability for movement is not restricted in a way that causes harm to the animal. Regarding animal sports events, this means that kennels for the temporary accommodation of dogs must be of suitable size for the dog and that time spent in a kennel must be appropriate for the individual dog. A kennel is generally expected to be of suitable size for the temporary accommodation of the dog, if the dog has the possibility to stand fully stand up in the box and to lay down in it in a stretched-out manner. Regarding the time spent in the box, the dog’s temperament and kennel training and the general situation in which the dog is accommodated in the kennel have to be regarded. The dog should not be left alone in a kennel for longer periods of time and must be offered the possibility to move around freely in suitable intervals. Harm to the animal due to the temporary accommodation in the kennel must be avoided at all times.