Accommodation of Dogs at Events

According to German animal welfare law, people who keep or care for animals must ensure that the animal's ability to move in a manner appropriate to its species is not restricted in such a way that it causes pain or avoidable harm or suffering.

In relation to events, this means that dog crates for temporary accommodation must be of an appropriate size and that the time spent in these crates must be appropriate for the dog in question. An appropriate size can generally be assumed if the dog can stand up completely in the crate and lie down stretched out on its side. The temperament of the dog, its previous crate training and the general situation of the accommodation must be taken into account with regard to the duration of the accommodation. The dog should not be housed in a crate alone/without a carer present and must be given the opportunity to move freely outside the crate at appropriate intervals. If you leave your dog in a suitable dog kennel for a short time, e.g. when going to the toilet, please speak to a person present so that they can take care of your dog while you are away. Adequate ventilation of the crate must be ensured at all times (both during transport and while on the premises).

Enclosed areas must be designed in such a way that the dog cannot leave them independently. If the dog is accommodated in a mobile home, it must be ensured that the indoor climate is suitable for the dog. It must be avoided at all times that the accommodation causes suffering for the accommodated dog.